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Jason St Mary Jason St Mary Stem Cell Therapy

Jason St Mary


If you want a different result, you need to take a different approach. Jason came to BioXcellerator to find an […]

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Jeremy Walker Jeremy Walker Stem Cell Therapy

Jeremy Walker


Jeremy Walker is a patient that came to BioXcellerator looking to help alleviate his pain for his rotator cuff condition […]

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Yusuf Alijanahi Yusuf Alijanahi Stem Cell Therapy

Yusuf Alijanahi


Yusef Alijanahi came to BioXcellerator with the intent to treat a lower lumbar injury and also receive a full rejuvenation […]

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Kevin Kouzmanoff Kevin Kouzmanoff Stem Cell Therapy

Kevin Kouzmanoff


Kevin Kouzmanoff has been in constant pain because of his lower lumbar spinal complications. He exhausted all his resources and […]

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Michael Matakaetis Michael Matakaetis Stem Cell Therapy

Michael Matakaetis


Michael was researching various ways to treat is ongoing lumbar pain that wasn’t quite available in the U.S. After speaking […]

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Sterling August Sterling August Stem Cell Therapy

Sterling August


Sterling August received advanced stem cell treatment for disc and lumbar complications. He exhausted traditional means of treatment and decided […]

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Ryback Reeves Ryback Reeves Stem Cell Therapy

Ryback Reeves

BioXMen Professional Wrestler

Ryback Allen Reeves is an American professional wrestler who performs under the ring name Ryback. He is best known for […]

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