James Podios


James has been doing weightlifting and martial arts for many years and experienced a tear in the right meniscus and pain in both shoulders.
In the shoulders, James noticed that when he flexes, he presents pain and oedema, with entrapment in the right shoulder. He has a long-standing MRI. Take anti-inflammatories regularly, with partial improvement. He says he has a diagnosis of generalized osteoarthritis.
In elbows, he reports pain and stiffness. When he clenches his hand very hard, he reports a lot of pain in his elbow.
He reported a lot of pain in the right hip, as well as in the knee and ankle on the same side, with all stiffness. You have to warm up for a long time to be able to exercise. He says it usually doesn’t hurt that much, but when he is physically active. To Help treat his overall Osteoarthritis, James decided to treat with the most advanced treatments available.

The country is beautiful and the staff is amazing!
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