Christopher Jones


Chris is an avid snowboarder and suffered an injury that developed into 3 herniated discs among other back complications. He was looking for options other than going through another back surgery and multiple steroid injections / PRP which he was doing on a regular basis for the pain. Every other place he was approaching in the States kept recommending Double fusion. He originally went to the clinic in Panama but was rejected because he wasn’t injured enough. They recommended him to their sister clinic in Texas but they rejected him there as well because he was too damaged. That is when he found us.


He said that he felt improvements in increments but really noticed the difference when it came to the 3 to 4-month mark. And he would suggest that telling people with similar conditions that it does take time. Chris being an avid snowboarder, he wasn’t able to originally go because of his back complications. At this point, he has gone on 6 different snowboarding trips and said that he feels amazing and is in no more pain and is practically 100%. He is coming up on his 1- year mark post-treatment and expects to say he is 100% better.

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