Caroll Comes


In October 2018, Caroll had an accident and she fell from a horse with loss of consciousness. She was taken to the hospital where they preformed a diagnosis of concussion, they also perform images with evidence of T8 pertebral body fracture with great damage. Caroll says at this time she was paraplegic and was diagnosed with a complete spinal cord injury with T5 level, she was operated on the next day as she required transportation to another hospital, she remained in ICU for 3 days. She started therapy a few days after surgery and was hospitalized doing physical therapy for 2 months. Currently, she says that she has pain in the lower back and around the rib cage, still paraplegic but they already tell her that her ASIA classification is incomplete T6, she can feel even the area of ​​the injury, sometimes she has spasms and can feel them on the inner thigh up to Above the knee. She came to BioXcellerator to help assist her in her recovery.

We don't want all those what ifs, we are going to try it because we can't lose
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